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  • Investments

    AIM Wealth Investment Services provides independent and personalised asset consulting, portfolio construction, investment advisory, investment management and administration services to clients.

    As an Independent Authorised Advisor of La Verna Capital (AFSL No. XXXXXX), we are authorised to provide advice on a broad range of asset classes, financial products and securities including listed securities, managed investment schemes (including managed funds), deposit products, debentures and bonds, derivatives, life products, retirement savings and superannuation products.

    Investment Advice and Portfolio Management

    Good investment advice requires experience, research and understanding of a client’s entire investment portfolio including equities, property, managed investments and family related investments. At AIM Wealth, we have developed a disciplined approach to investment management, with quarterly client meetings and regular reports that are comprehensive and easy to understand. Whenever you need to make a decision about some money or an investment, yours up to date portfolio report gives you the information you need.

    Our value proposition

    Our value proposition to clients is to:

    • Provide customised investment advisory advice to meet client needs and in addition advice on cash flow management, tax efficiency, asset protection, superannuation and retirement planning, insurance, risk management and estate planning
    • Manage and administer individual investment portfolios according to individual client risk tolerances, preferences and directions
    • Protect and grow clients’ wealth by utilising the best available and independently researched investment opportunities
    • Ensure no investment opportunities are missed, tax implications are addressed, and fees and costs are minimised
    • Monitor investments closely on an ongoing basis
    • Provide timely and accurate recording and reporting
    • Deliver caring, attentive and personalised service